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Over the last couple of years I have had many fellow Real Estate Investors begging me to reveal how I have managed to make an absolute fortune flipping Bank REO’s...…but up until now I have been silent.

Just recently however, I managed to set aside enough time to put down all of my most guarded money making REO strategies on paper and create what is now called The REO Blueprint. These powerful strategies allowed me to build a million dollar real estate business from scratch in just a few short years!

If you ever wanted to learn how to make big money flipping Bank REO’s then look no further….The REO Blueprint will give you all of the information you need to make a killing buying & Selling bank owned properties...and the best part is you can easily model my success for yourself in the next 30 days or less!

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Dear Fellow Real Estate Investor,

The Current Real Estate Market has many real estate investors running scared or cautiously standing on the sidelines, but that doesn’t mean you have to be one of them! It has been said that 2011 will be the pinnacle of mortgage defaults and bank owned properties hitting the market, but what does that mean to you? It means there will be more opportunity over the course of the next couple years to flip Bank REO’s for huge profits than ever before! You now have the chance to be one of a handful of investors let in on these newly revealed “insider secrets” of buying and selling bank REO’s… don’t let this opportunity pass you by without taking advantage of it! I promise that if you just implement the information inside this blueprint, it can make you more money than you would have ever thought possible.

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Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of the ongoing housing crisis with NO marketing costs, NO credit & NO previous REO experience!
The REO Blueprint is your step by step guide to making huge profits
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I have created a system that is proven, dependable, and can be put on autopilot. My system creates $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 even $50,000 checks
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Imagine making more money each month than the average household makes in a year….and then doing it over and over again. That is exactly what is possible if you implement the strategies that are given to you in The REO Blueprint.

Net Profit of $32,947
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and this was just one of a handful of deals we did that month!

Net Profit of $42,897
Using The REO Blueprint Buying System

So Why Should I Invest My Hard Earned Money In This Educational Information?

The bottom line is I have created a tried and tested system for finding the best Bank Owned Properties in Any Market! In addition I am not just an information marketer (which it seems like most Real Estate Gurus are these days!) trying to sell you the newest get rich quick product that over promises and under delivers….I have my own extremely successful Real Estate business (that started with investing in Bank REO’s) and I work in the investment trenches every day, which allows me to provide you with the most up to date strategies that actually work in today’s market! I use the same strategies that are in this blueprint to obtain Money Making Bank REO deals in my market every week…So I know you can have the same results!

“The REO Blueprint not only gives you detailed step by step guidance on how to create huge profits, but it also provides you all of the marketing material you will ever need to make it happen!”

This Ebook contains every piece of valuable information That I have learned over the past 3 years of flipping bank REO’s for huge profits within my own Real Estate Business.

Get your copy today so you can be one of a small group of People who will become financially free by investing in bank owned properties!

Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive

  • The REO Blueprint is a step by step guide that shows you how to make Big Profits with Bank Owned Properties using today’s best investment strategies!

  • The REO Blueprint assumes you have little to no experience with Bank Owned Properties.....Although if you do this blueprint will benefit you even more!

  • The REO Blueprint is a complete manual with step by step instructions and ready to use marketing templates….You don’t need anything else to get started making money in Real Estate!

  • The REO Blueprint is written in simple easy to read text and can be read in one evening. No background in real estate is necessary to implement everything in this blueprint!

  • The REO Blueprint will teach you how to find, fund and flip bank owned properties for huge profits even in the current real estate market!

Here Is A Preview Of The REO Secrets You Will Learn!

Chapter 1: Introduction to Investing in Bank Owned Properties

  • My Story and why you should listen to me…
  • What are Bank REO’s and how they fit into the Real Estate Investment game.
  • Why investing in Bank REO’s is a must for your Real Estate Business.

Chapter 2: How to use REO & Non-REO Real Estate Agents in your business

  • How to market REO Agents so that you can have them bringing you deals every week with no competition!
  • How to find and use the right Non- REO Agents within your Real Estate Business.
  • How to structure your business so that these two types of agents bring you money making deals on a Daily basis!

Chapter 3: A comprehensive look at the different types of Bank REO’s on the market today

  • What Bank REO’s you should focus your time an effort on and what Bank REO’s will only cause you to spin your wheels and get frustrated.
  • What types of neighborhoods will make you the most money!
  • Step by step instructions on exactly which REO’s you need to be targeting so you don’t waste time looking at properties that you have no chance of buying at a bargain price!

Chapter 4: A detailed look at our secret REO buying strategies that have made me a fortune!

  • In depth look at the six different REO offer strategies that I use in my own business every day to consistently get the best deals in the market!
  • Six case studies for deals that I have done using our secret money making buying strategies!
  • How you can implement these six REO buying strategies that will make you a fortune!!

Chapter 5: Setting up money making Systems in your business and writing offers

  • How to have hot REO leads showing up in your email inbox every morning without doing any work!
  • What filters you need to use in your RMLS search to find only the best REO’s in your market!
  • Find out how to get your realtor partners to send you all the quality leads you can handle
  • How to write your investor offers so that they get accepted while your competition’s keep getting rejected!

Chapter 6: What are all of the exit strategies you can use to sell your Bank REO

  • What you need to do in order to successfully retail your REO in this market
  • What is “wholetailing” and when you should use it to make money with REO’s
  • Multiple Secret Strategies to wholesale REO’s without using any of your own money or credit (you have not heard of these strategies before I can assure you)!

Chapter 7: This chapter is all about how you can find money to buy REO’s

  • What are the different types of funding that are available to flip Bank REO’s?
  • What type of funding is best for your exit strategy and where to find it?
  • My personal rolodex for transactional and hard money funding
  • How to fund your REO deals if you are not going to wholesale them!
  • How to get Proof of Funds Letters!

Chapter 8: Putting it all together to make money now and in the future with Bank REO’s

And much more….You will be blown away by all of the money making information that we have packed into this Blueprint!

You can easily read this Blueprint from cover to cover in one day….which means you can implement these strategies and start making money almost immediately!

In Order To Make Sure You Are Successful With This Information…..I Have Include These Money Making Bonuses!

Not only will you receive a complete step by step blueprint That shows you how to find, fund and flip bank owned properties, but you will also receive these great bonuses!

The REO Blueprint Bonus #1:
You will receive all of our direct mail marketing templates that have been used to build all of my REO listing agent connections. These REO listing agent relationships have made me hundred’s of thousands of dollars over the last few years, and by using these templates you can have the same success! All you have to do is insert your name, the realtors name and drop it in the mail!

The REO Blueprint Bonus #2:
You will also receive all of our email marketing templates that I use every week in my business to market REO listing agents. This marketing technique doesn’t cost you a penny to implement and can be extremely effective for your business. You can’t beat free marketing that gets results!!

The REO Blueprint Bonus #3:
You will receive a copy of our REO property information sheet that can be used when viewing all of your REO prospects.

The REO Blueprint Bonus #4:
Finally you will receive The REO Blueprint quick start guide so that you know where to start once you have read all of the information. Not only do we give you a complete Blueprint of how to achieve financial success but I then give you a step by step plan to implement what you have learned! I want you to succeed and make a fortune buying and selling bank REO’s in your market!

I think it’s plain to see that this educational product will impact your real estate investment business almost immediately, but don’t just take my word for it...

Check Out What These Very Happy Customers Have To Say About The REO Blueprint And How It Helped Their Real Estate Businesses!

"After reading The REO Blueprint I used what I learned to get an REO under contract within a week….and at a 50 cents on the dollar!"

I have been in the Real Estate business for a number of years and for the last couple I have tried to buy REO’s, but I just couldn’t seem to get any good deals. After reading the REO Blueprint I used what I learned to get an REO under contract within a week….and at a below wholesale price! The best part is that I already have a wholesale buyer lined up to buy the property from me for a great Profit! Learning the strategies within this blueprint have made a huge impact on my business!

Jerad Goughnour, Ridgeway Properties LLC

"This blueprint is filled with real money making strategies that work in today’s Real Estate market."

“After reading The REO Blueprint it was obvious the strategies that Tucker teaches are the real deal. The blueprint gave me an easy to follow action plan that I have since successfully implemented into my business to buy and wholesaled two REO’s! This Blueprint is filled with real money making strategies that work in today’s market.

Paul Campbell, Portland Oregon

"I was blown away at the amount of information that was provided…every secret for getting great deals on Bank REO’s was revealed!"

“As a Real Estate Investor I have wanted to take advantage of the current housing crisis and all the bank owned properties for a while now, but I have had the hardest time getting the banks to take my offers. I felt like I was spinning my wheels for the longest time trying to find deals, but after reading The REO Blueprint I know exactly what I was doing wrong. I was blown away at the amount of information that was provided …every secret for getting great deals on Bank REO’s was revealed. I can’t wait to use what I have learned and start making offers on the right types of Bank REO’s!

Scott Besaw, Bend Oregon

You Get At Least 100 Times Your Money’s Worth!

So lets talk price....It has taken me over three years to compile all of the money making secrets that I have packed into this book…And by using this information I have personally made hundreds of thousands of dollars buying & selling bank owned properties. So if you actually implement the information that I have laid out for you in this Blueprint I know you can have the same success!

But let’s suppose that you read this book and only do one bank REO deal in the next year….and lets say that from that one deal you only make a profit of $5,000. Even if this is all you ever do with this extremely valuable information you will make almost 100 times your investment back! Now how is that for a great Return on your Investment!

By Purchasing The REO Blueprint You Will Be Buying Money At A Huge Discount!!

If you only do one deal with this information like is outlined above I will absolutely be happy for your accomplishment, but the reality is you can easily do a whole lot more with the easy to implement strategies in this book.

Just imagine being able to find bank REO deals at 40-60 cents on the dollar over and over again….Now imagine all of the profits from those deals getting deposited into you bank account. All of the information that you need to make this a reality is included in The REO Blueprint and it will only cost you $67 bucks!

I’m so certain that you are going to be TOTALLY satisfied with my Blueprint that I’m going to give you a "YOU CAN’T LOSE," 100%, NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED, IRON CLAD, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Now that’s as strong as I can say it. I have spent hours and hours developing this blueprint and I KNOW you can make thousands of dollars each month if you will just follow my step-by-step plan. However, if for any reason you feel I didn’t perform as you expected and you aren’t thrilled with my Blueprint, just contact me within the first 30 days and I’ll send you your refund in full!

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Best of Success,

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